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I am honored to be your teacher and cannot wait to embark on this journey with you. I fully believe that I learn just as much (if not more!) from my students as they do from me, and so I am honored to be your student as well. This training is a foundation for those interested in teaching vinyasa style yoga, or for those interested in deepening and expanding their own personal practice. The curriculum and practice requirements maintain standards that comply with the Yoga Alliance certified teaching programs.
It is my sincere hope that in this training you will receive a deep understanding of the postures and practices of yoga, but also what it means to truly live your yoga off the mat. I also wish for you to find your own inner voice: a voice that allows you to see, speak, andfeel your truth.
It is often human nature to doubt ourselves.

It can be frightening to move outside of what feels safe or comfortable and towards something unknown. However, it is in these unknown places that we grow into our best selves-the selves that can change others, the selves that can change the world. Over the course of the next nine months,

there may be times when you do doubt yourself. I want you to know that I believe in you fully and that this training is truly for everyone, just like a yoga practice is truly for everyone. I cannot wait to see you grow. Welcome to the Go BEyond Yoga Teacher Training. Namaste.


Weekend Hours:
Fridays  5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturdays 9:00am-5:00pm
Sundays 10:00am-6:00pm

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2019 - 2020 Training Schedule

OCTOBER 4th - 6th

Led by: Pernille Monto & Lori Martin

Training Weekend #1
Topics Covered:
Friday, Oct. 4: BEgin the journey: Settle in, Introductions, Exepectations (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Oct. 5: Asana Study (Pernille Monto)
Sunday, Oct. 6: Asana Study
Sun Salutations (Pernille Monto)

NOVEMBER 1st - 3rd

Led by: Pernille Monto & Lori Martin

Training Weekend #2
Topics Covered:
Friday, Nov. 1: Asana Study (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Nov. 2: Anatomy: Lower Body
Asana Study (Lori Martin)
Sunday, Nov. 3: Asana and Alignment (Pernille Monto)

DECEMBER 6th - 8th

Led by: Pernille Monto

Training Weekend #3
Topics Covered:
Friday, Dec. 6: Sanskrit Overview (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Dec. 7: Anatomy: Upper Body (Lori Martin)
Sunday, Dec. 8: Student Teach: Sun Salutations (Pernille Monto)

JANUARY 3rd - 5th

Led by: Pernille Monto & Jacqui Bonwell

Training Weekend #4
Topics Covered:
Friday, Jan. 3: The Power of Yoga: Discussion (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Jan. 4: Creative Flow Sequencing (Pernille Monto)
Sunday, Jan. 5: Sutra Study: Sutra Workshop (Jacqui Bonwell)

FEBRUARY: Jan 31st - Feb 8th

Led by: Pernille Monto

Training Weekend #5
Topics Covered:
Friday, Jan. 31: Test
Assisting (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Feb. 1: TBD (Pernille Monto)
Sunday, Feb. 2: Student Teach (Pernille Monto)

MARCH 6th - 8th

Led by: Pernille Monto & Jacqui Bonwell

Training Weekend #6
Topics Covered:
Friday, Mar. 6: Test
Modifications (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Mar. 7: Go BEyond Teacher Training Flow: Power and Modified (Pernille Monto)
Sunday, Mar. 8: Study of the 7 Chakras: Chakra Cleanse Workshop 4:00pm - 6:30pm (Jacqui Bonwell)

APRIL 3rd - 5th

Led by: Pernille Monto

Training Weekend #7
Topics Covered:
Friday, Apr. 3: Introduction to Yin Yoga (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, Apr. 4: Yin Yoga
Sunday, Apr. 5: Student Teach: Yin (Pernille Monto)

MAY 1st - 3rd

Led by: Pernille Monto

Training Weekend #8
Topics Covered:
Friday, May 1: Business and Marketing
Yoga Off the Mat (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, May 2: Student Teach and Assist (Pernille Monto)
Sunday, May 3: Student Teach and Assist (Pernille Monto)

JUNE 5th - 7th

Led by: Pernille Monto

Training Weekend #9
Topics Covered:
Friday, Mar. 5: Test
Student Teach (Pernille Monto)
Saturday, June 6: Student Teach (Pernille Monto)
Sunday, June 7: GRADUATION (Pernille Monto)


Registration Fee:

A non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure your spot.

Checks or cash are the preferred methods of payment.
Checks can be made out to GO BEYOND Teacher Training

 GO BEYOND Teacher Training
P.O. Box 2554, Hyannis MA 02601


EARLYBIRD:  $3,000
Due July 15, 2018
Your program contract and full tuition
(includes $500.00 non-refundable deposit)

Due September 1, 2018 (includes $500.00 non-refundable deposit)
Monthly Payment Automatic Deduction: $370.00/month for 8 months


The Syllabus

Alignment Training
Educational Category:Teaching Methodology

  • An introduction to alignment principles and functional movement techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • learn and identify dysfunctional patterns of movement and asymmetries based on genetics, development, learned patterns, trauma, and aging;
  • to sequence a masterfully aligned practice
Principles of Anatomy
​Educational Category:  Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human anatomy is studied using a buddy systems approach with emphasis on function and form and how they relate to the asana.  Students will focus on safe, effective movement while developing a working knowledge of skeletal muscular systems and structure.

Learning Objectives:

  • the study of anatomy using a body-systems approach;
  • develop an understanding of the structure of the human body, specific functions and form and how they relate to the physical practice
Energetic and Emotional Anatomy
Educational Category: Anatomy and Physiology

  • Through lecture and discussion, take a comprehensive look at the study of the seven major chakras and the supple energy field and how they relate to emotional rehabilitation

Learning Objectives:

  • to cultivate an understanding of energetic and emotional anatomy;
  • emotional and energetic sequencing;
  • to teach a class with utmost value
Art of Assisting
Educational Category: Teaching Methodology

  • Through active demonstration and discussion, students will learn how to provide skillful and effective physical adjustments.

Learning Objectives:

  • gain a solid understanding for hands on adjustment
Educational Category: Teaching Methodology

  • An in-depth study of the physical practice of yoga.  Students will identify healthy alignment and cueing for safe and effective movement though foundational postures and sequencing.  Learn modified postures and restorative sequencing. Learn to work with special props, including blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, the wall, massage therapy balls, and chairs.   Incorporate functional movement technique in order to teach students to modify for injury rehabilitation as well as special population. Guide students through various modifications for each asana in order to allow them to experience threads for each level of practice.Learn to instruct
  • asana from your most authentic self while developing methods for creating uplifting and meaningful classes. Find your true teaching voice.

Learning Objectives:

  • an in-depth study of the foundational postures, students will obtain a working knowledge of the physical practice;
  • explore safe and effective sequencing
Yoga Ethics and Physiology/ Yoga History
Educational Category: Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics

  • Introduction to the yoga sutras, the eight-limbed recipe and the history of yoga.  Cultivate your understanding of the ancient yogic text and philosophy.
  • Learn to incorporate spiritual and traditional teachings into a class that is both authentic and inspiring as well as accessible and relatable.
  • Guide students through the ethics of yoga teachers-high moral standards, non-judgment, avoidance of substance abuse, embrace the idea of truthfulness when dealing with students and others, including accurately representing their training (living your truth), commitment to promoting the physical well-being of all students, and dedication to a thorough and continuing study and practice of yoga.
  • Guide students to live yoga "off the mat" so they experience yoga as a lifestyle as opposed to just a physical practice,

Learning Objectives:

  • to cultivate an understanding of yoga philosophy; sutra study and the 8 limbed recipe;
  • exploration of the history of yoga, truth and myth;
  • to teach an authentic class, incorporating spiritual and traditional teachings in a way that is accessible, non-invasive and relatable
  • examine the ethics of yoga, specifically yoga teachers, and how to live, promote and teach a yogic lifestyle.
Your Brain and Yoga
Educational Category: Techniques, Training, and Practice

  • Explore studies in neuroscience combined with insights from generations of meditative practice, deepen your knowledge of various meditations, methods, pranayama, and chanting in the interest of activating of calm, compassion, clarity, and joy.
  • The teacher will guide students through the use various breathing techniques (alternate nostril breathing, shhh meditation, etc.) and meditations to allow each student to immerse themselves in the experience they will eventually teach through guided practice and analytical training.

Learning Objectives:

  • enhance knowledge of meditation and chanting;
  • an in-depth study of neuro and neuroscience
  • experience meditations, pranayama and breath work through guided practice and analysis of technique
Building Your Yoga Business
​Educational Category: Teaching Methodology

  • Learn to create structure, and deliver transformative classes and private sessions for varying levels of practice and populations

Learning Objectives:

  • building your yoga business and ethics training;
  • learn how to run and structure workshops, retreats and your own training programs.
Yoga as Rehab
Educational Category:

Description: Techniques, Training and Practice
  • Focus on developing skills for meeting individual needs in a private or group setting.
  • Promote rehabilitation and a peaceful environment.
  • Delve deeper into the study of pranayama, exploring the connection between the respiratory, glandular, and nervous system.  For example, the session will explain how to modify and work around various specific injuries-shoulder, knee, back, wrist, etc.

Learning Objectives:

  • an in-depth study of pranayma;
  • yoga as rehab;
  • teaching to special populations
  • teach different threads for asana to accommodate various levels of initial injury through rehabilitation.
Cultivate Your Own Teachings
Educational Category: Techniques, Training, and Practice

  • Elevate and inspire your personal practice through cultivating your own teachings in the interest of becoming a more profound teacher.
  • Activities to allow students to become more profound yoga teachers will include: require students to continue their physical yoga practice regularly (outside of training weekends), require students to teach their friends in small groups in order to enhance verbal skills and gain confidence mentally and physically.

Learning Objectives:

  • teaching techniques, analysis, and focus on becoming an eclectic, well-rounded teacher;
  • cultivate your own teachings
The Art of Verbal and Cueing
Educational Category: Teaching Methodology

  • Bring more wisdom to your classes with sophisticated verbal cueing and theming.
  • Students will learn to master economy of words, style and effective delivery and will explore weaving themes into the practice through guided practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Mastering the art of verbal cueing;
  • Practice theming
Educational Category: Practicum

  • Practice teaching, theming, rhythm sequencing, and pacing, receiving feedback from lead trainer.
  • Each trainee must complete at least 5 hours of practice teaching as a lead instructor.  
  • These five hours will be completed when trainees teach five (at least) different individuals a one hour class.  They must record in a Student Practicum Log Guide (see log in manual) the date, site, class time and duration, asana style taught and number of students.  They must also journal responses to the following questions: 1) How did you open this class? Sun salutation, breathing, meditation, etc.? 2) What was your "theme" for this class? (Strength/Flexibility, Meditative/Restorative, etc.) 3) How did you end this class? Savasana, meditation,breathing, etc.)  4) How did you set up the environment (music/props/pillows, etc.) Each Practicum Log Guide will be reviewed by lead trainer and discussed with trainee.
  • Additionally, each trainee will teach to the others trainees in the program frequently and receive feedback from students and lead trainer.